Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 12 - If you could wish for anything that would come true, what would you wish for?

Day 12-  If you could wish for anything that would come true, what would you wish for? 

I have a lot of wishes. Material things and a lot more. And this one, it is one of those wishes that I don't want to rush. [ I don't know it makes any sense, but yeah! ] 

I wish to be ready to fall in love again. ♥
I am not in a hurry! But I want to be ready, I want to be able to love and be loved once again. I wish to be able to give 100 % and more of myself once again to the right one.
I am still on the process of moving on. It's still hard. and what scares me is that, I won't be able to love that much again. It was so painful that I am not sure anymore if I could ever love someone more than I loved him.

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  1. thank you! ♥

  2. It will come at the right time sis. Just trust in God's timing, it will happen and when that time comes you will be truly happy. :) Give up your heart to the Lord and the rest will follow. He is preparing the right person for you, I know it. :) BTW sis, I am so going to do this challenge too (maybe in October)! I am really enjoying reading your 30 day challenge posts.

  3. Like I said in the other can do it....its gonna take time, closure, and can do it boo...I've been hurts!!. Especially when you give your all!. And end up with nothing....but hey I'm loving again.:-) the way you express yourself! Your not alone!

  4. yes I know and believe in that :) nakakabored maghintay minsan but i know it will be worth every minute :) yey! it is really challenging but super fun! :)

  5. It will come baby girl! In the right time. :)

  6. aww. I know ate. :) I believe and I hope that it will...

  7. Haha come on! Katuwa naman. Pareho pa tayo sis. Thou, I always tell to myself na I'm okay. I enjoy being single. That I don't need anyone else (a man to be specific) to be loved, because I have my family. But there comes a time na, naiisip ko, I am 22 na, haha ilang years nalang 24 na ko (and that's the right age na sinabi ko na magaasawa na ko) pero til' now wala pa akong bf. Sometimes I feel the emptiness din, thinking na mas masarap yung feeling na may "SOMEONE" na kukumpleto sayo. Na iba pa rin yung may nag eextra care sayo bukod sa family mo. I know, I am too hypocrite when they asked me "If why wala pa akong bf", I told them "I am too busy and does not have time for love" but deep inside I ask myself "Bakit nga ba wala pa", thou kung iisipin pwede namang magkaron. Pero ganon talaga, I think worth it naman yung ginagawa kong paghihintay. Ayoko namang i-low yung standards ko para lang magkabf. Mas maganda pa rin kung magaantay siguro ako. I know He will come. I just need to WAIT. WE just need to wait, di ba sis? - Pretty Thrifty

  8. aww yeah! I feel you Ate. :) My recent bf was my first one. I waited for a few years and I even came to a point where in I "searched" for love.. BUT I guess it didnt work.. I met him when I least expected it.. and I think it was worth it.. He was worth it.. Our relationship WAS worth it. It used to be the most important thing in my life.. and I never regret anything. And I can say that it is really better if you wait.. cause it will come on the right time and place. And for sure, whenever we meet the man God destined us to be with.. I know that it will all be worth it. :)



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