Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 14- What do you like most about yourself?

Day 14  What do you like most about yourself? 
My Lips!? HAHA
I don't know why but my lips is one of the few things that I really love about myself, physically. It is one thing I really am happy about. hehe. I love wearing lipsticks because of my lips' shape and thickness, I guess. It isn't too thick though or "juicy" though. hehe 
But I love it! :) 

Another thing that I love about myself ( not physically ) is that I can be good listener. 
 You can talk to me as long as you want. I won't butt in or whatever, if ever you need to vent out. I can help you with that. And if you need/want my advice, I can also give you some. But I won't insist that you do things you don't want. :) 
* That is what I think about myself and what my high school friends say also.* 


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  1. Napatitig tuloy ako sa lips mo. Haha I like nga yung shape ng lips mo :)

    LOL at 'juicy lips'

  2. hehehe... thanks! :) dark nga lang upper lips ko... ever since!!! i dont smoke though..

    di ko kasi alam how to describe it eh. haha natawa din naman ako sa comment mo. hehehe..

  3. I love your lips ate!!! Lalo na yung shape. :) I'm jelly! :(

  4. thanks iya dear! hehehehe... its okay! pretty ka naman eh! :)

  5. I agree. I love you lip shape too! It's cute sis. Well contoured yung "V" ng lips mo :), at dun sa being "good listener". - Pretty Thrifty

  6. hihi *kilig* thanks ate!! :) oo nga i think yun yung nagpapaganda sa lips ko. hehe buti pa ang lips maganda. :P do you agree that i can be a good listener?! hehe

  7. of course I do! ganun yata talaga pag tahimik ang isang tao, di ba you said to one of your post na tahimik ka in personal,pero madaldal sa post. Saka I can feel it e' :) Jennifer B. Fosgate
    Admin Dept.
    Nxtgen Tech., Inc

  8. hehe.. i dont think so. :P tahimik ako AT FIRST in person.. but once naging palagay na yun loob ko sa isang tao ayyy. hehehe. :P Awww thanks naman! :)

  9. I love how defined your lips are. :) Are you using lip brush when applying lip products?

  10. thank you! pag bold lips yes.. kasi yun iba parang nagbbleed, kalat kalat ba. hehe. pag di masyado no.. :)

  11. Problema ko kasi yung dark na outline ng lips ko. Kaya tuloy I can't use light shades of lippies. :|

  12. you really have nice lips sis bagay na pang model ng lipsticks... ung akin hindi e... parang walang shape... hahaha

  13. hehe thank you! if hindi lang maitim upper lip ko bet na bet!! :) hehe. pwde mo naman dayaan with lip liner e! :)

  14. un lang, hindi ako magaling mandaya ng shape using a liner... hahaha ung iyo ksi maganda ung pagka V... :) isa pa yan sis, maitim din ang upper lip ko... huhuhu



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