Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 15 What do you dislike most about yourself?

Day 15  What do you dislike most about yourself?
My WIIIIIIIIDE forehead, my baby hair, and my unruly brows. 

 I have tons of "dislikes" about my self. But I got used to almost all of them as I grew older. My FOREHEAD, it runs in the family. I used to be very insecure about them but not anymore. I believe, well WE believe that people with wide forehead are beautiful people. :P hehe OF COURSE! Love your own! :) 
My BABY HAIR, it also runs in the family, but now on my mom's side. I also have lots of gray hairs because I inherited it also from them. My cousin who is 7 or 8 already has some gray hair ever since he was 2. 
My UNRULY EYEBROWS. It is hard to manage and whatever! I can never perfect it! CRAZY!
But I live by the saying, "Your brows aren't twins, they are sisters." 

In a not so physical manner, what I dislike about myself is that I always look for something bad. Whenever things are going perfectly, or whenever everything is just so awesome and great. I tend to look for something not so good. I don't know why though. I always get ahead of myself. Maybe I am just scared to get disappointed or hurt. 

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  1. I also have huge forehead kaya lagi may bangs. They say that people with huge foreheads have big brains. Haha!

  2. hey sis, it's cool to have a wide forehead, means you're very smart! besides that, tyra banks also has a wide forehead so embrace it well sis! ;)

  3. hehe..yeah I have heard that also. :P it doesnt bother me anymore. hehehehe. :D yes!!! true! i love tyra. hehe

  4. Hehe okay lang yan sis! Cute nga e'. Ako nako I have lots things that I hate about myself. Should I enumerate it here? Okay, sige na nga. hehe Ako naman may weird na parang bukol sa forehead ko, pero it's actually bones, then lately ko lang nadiscover na I have uneven eyelids. That's why, I look different when I pose on pictures on left view, kaya lagi lang akong right view sa pic. At eto, the most hate ko ang nose ko! haha. Pero we should accept it, and instead of hating it, learn how to appreciate it :) See things in brighter and positive way, di ba? - Pretty Thrifty

  5. hehehe.. natawa naman ako sayo ate! NAKU! Ako I have tons of insecurities also but I have learned to live with some of them. hehe.. TRUE! Love your own nga eh?! :P And if you wont love yourself fully, who will dba?! You should learn to love yourself first before other people can.. :)

  6. Malapad din noo ko. Cropped pa yan. HAHAHA. Sabi nila pag malapad noo, matalino. Yun ang panghawakan natin. HAHAHA :))

  7. hehehe... mine din nakakabother kaya kincrop. :P hehe oo! TRUE! :)

  8. Kncrop ko din yung sakin. HAHAHAHAHA! :)

  9. Maganda nga kaya ang wide forehead sis, sabi ng matatanda ang malapad daw ang noo ay malaki ang utak ibig sabihin e matalino! kaya tama ka embrace it! :) ay ako din noh ang dami kong tutchang (baby hair)... hehe :) talaga sis may white hairs na ung cousin mo? nako sis ipacheck up nyo sa endocrinologist sis, usually pag ganun may metabolic problems ung bata pag ganyan... dark ba ung batok nya?

  10. hehe yes! very true! :P hehe love your own!

    yes! no hindi naman maitim and not naman madami... i think lahi kasi talaga.. everyone sa mothers side ko, yun mga sisters nya kahit di pa gano katanda madmai ng white hairs.

  11. Yeah siguro genetic lng... :) ung brother ko kasi dati nung mas bata sya ang dami nya din white hair e medyo obese sya nun tapos nung tumanda na sya then nagdiet pumayat sya nawala lahat ng white hair nya as in. metabolic effect daw pala un...



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