Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 7 - My Worst Habit

Day 7 - My Worst Habit

When I first saw the topic for Day 7, this was the very first thing that came up my mind. 
Whenever I am really mad at someone or whenever I am really pissed off, I curse in my head. I am not the type of person who will confront someone or fight with someone verbally. I wasn't raised like that. 
But every time I can't control myself anymore, I curse so much inside my head. I might have already killed someone in my mind.

I guess that's the worst habit that I really have. I am not perfect. I am just a human being. You don't see me 24/7. And you guys only know me through my posts. But yes, I do get mad, sad and really pissed too. :)

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  1. that's really funny!

  2. hey, at least you don't blurt it out! ;) our worst habit is something quite similar, you might want to check it on my blog and laugh your heart out. :))

  3. hahaha, di talaga maiiwasan yan sis. lol. And hey thanks for the comment and for the support ha? hehe

  4. haha. yes. sort of. hehehe

  5. i sometimes do.. but most of the time i keep it to myself. :D

  6. hehehe ang kulit lng, at least you can contain it sis, ako talaga hindi, pag galit ako nako talaga naman nagtatago ang mga kaaway ko... nako talaga! hahaha

  7. well dati no.. hehe but I really want to try to be more patient kasi eh.. but if sobra na, ay marunong din ako lumaban. :P



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