Friday, September 7, 2012

Pillow Time: How to Move On?! + Sweet Mail

Hi ladies (and gents...if ever!) I know I haven't posted a "proper" pillow time last week. I am just a bit busy with everything. But today, I got this sweet little email from a follower of mine. It was overwhelming cause it is actually the first mail that I got that isn't a hate mail. So tonight, I will feature that on this Pillow Time. :)

This is the email I got. 
I covered the information about her cause she wanted to keep it private. And I respect that! So, you know who you are! ;)

Girl, thank you so much for your sweet words. Those things are what keeps me going despite of all the hates that this "blogging" world has to offer. I am so glad that you can see my dedication and passion on what I am doing. And my readers, are my friends. I don't treat anybody as just a member or anything. I know the feeling when you're just beginner. I know when it feels like no one appreciates you and no one is willing to help you. And I will never ever do that. That isn't my blog or my advocacy. I actually want a closer, more helpful and nicer blogging community.

And thanks for your birthday greeting! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 
Don't worry! Nothing's going to change. .♥

And for her questions. I will try to share with you guys how I am coping, and my own personal opinion about it. Just a disclaimer, I am NOT an expert when it comes to relationship or anything in particular. The things I said and I will be saying are all based on how I see it, and how I experienced it.

"How you do it?! How are you coping?! Where did you start?! How?! How are you handling it?! How did you move on!? Are you over it?! " 
Oh dear! I don't actually have an idea on where to start. But, well I am not over him yet. I am still on the process but I know I'll get there. I hope I will. 

How I do it?! How am I handling it?! I really don't know. But I pray. Every time I breakdown, I pray. Every time I feel like I want to blame it all on my ex, I pray. I just pray. I guess that's what's keep me going. 

Where did you start?! I think starting to think of HOW to start is one of the hardest. I remember not feeling anything a few days after. I felt like nothing is wrong. It didn't sink in right away. I was just busy and my mind was off it. But when I started feeling it, when I started realizing that it is really over. That was when I broke down.
If you guys remember, that were the week that I wasn't posting anything.
That were the start where in I started starving myself, crying myself to sleep, and feeling nothing.  People might think its corny or not true, but once you broke up with someone you really love and someone you planned your forever with. It is really devastating. 
 I felt like I lost my only reason to wake up every morning. I felt like I am all alone. I felt terrible. 

How I am moving on!?  
I let go, and let God take over.

It is one of the hardest thing to do eh. To let go. I let go all our dreams and plans together, I let go of my feelings. And I let God take over. I let Him do whatever He wants. Cause I know He have some better plans for me.

And well, listen to yourself, to your body. If you feel hurt or if you feel angry, do not try to hide it. Cry if you have to. It will help. Embrace the pain. Do not pretend that you're not hurting or whatever. Just cry and of course, pray. 

That is what I do. I cry. I cry all the pain away. I cry the anger or the regrets. I cry it all away and it will really help. 
Do not forget that only you can help yourself. If you want to feel good, do not let what you feel or your past to hold you back. 
And SMILE. It is hard, especially when it still really hurts, but it will actually make you feel better. Try to look at everything in a more positive and lighter manner. :)

So, I think that is it! :) I can talk about love and relationships forever but I don't want to bore you guys already. hehe. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Whether its beauty or life or love! I am actually pretty good in giving advices. :D 
EMAIL ME! I will appreciate it.♥

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  1. In life, everything should always start and end with a prayer.

  2. I can agree to that. :)



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