Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Lovin' : 500 Pesos Makeup Challenge

WARNING: picture heavy post


As most of you know, Micmic's Corner, From Nails to Makeup and yours truly are having this super fun collaboration this month. [ click HERE to know more }
We are now on our 2nd makeup "challenge". And we chose to do the  
500 Pesos Makeup Challenge. 
Last week, our collaboration challenge was Disney Inspired Makeup look. I chose to recreate Princess Ariel of The Little Mermaid's look.[ Ariel Inspired Makeup Look ]

 The challenge is to create a whole look using makeup products that won't exceed your  Php 500.00 budget. It is quite similar with the $20 Makeup Challenge but here, you can use your own tools, like brushes, unlike the latter. 

So, here are the products I used. 

Kokuryu Summer Cake in Sunset Tan - - - Php 99.00
Careline Oil Control Face Powder refill in Tan - - - Php 55.00
Careline Oil Control Blusher in Morena Star - - - Php 80.00
Nichido Makeup Collection - -  - Php 100.00
Ever Bilena Color Pencil in Black - - - Php 88.00 
Excel Paris Lip Cream in 508 - - - Php 50.00
      TOTAL:  Php 472.00

Yey for not exceeding the budget!  
And now for the looks. YES, looks because I did a Day- Night Makeup Look. :) 

Day Look. 

I used all the products that I mentioned. BUT I didn't contour my face that much. I just pat on a little bit of the blush/bronzer because I want it to look fresh and subtle. 

I mixed the EB Color Pencil with a little bit of the blusher to use on my brows. 
[ I mixed it at the back of my hand ]

For the blush, I use a little bit of the lighter blush from this Nichido Palette. 

For the eyes, I dabbed on a little bit of the eyeshadow 1 all over my lids. And lined my eyes with the EB Color Pencil. 

The lips, I put on a little bit of lip cream on my finger and dabbed it on to my lips. 

 Night Look. 

The night look is basically the same makeup I did for the Day time. 
I just contoured my face a little bit more. And packed on the lip cream for a bolder and louder lips. Perfect for night outs!

For the eyes, I applied the eyeshadow 2 on the outer 2/3 of my lids and crease area. 
I also retouched the eye liner a little bit. Curled my lashes, and I am good to go! 

 If you guys noticed, the foundation and powder are really light for my skintone. It really is. But those shades are already the darkest. So, it really didn't match my skin that well. 
Yes, I had a hard time blending and using the Kokuryu foundation that's why you can see that it is not blended that well. 
I also skipped on the mascara, believe it or not. Those are my natural lashes. I am pretty blessed with that. :) 

This was a fun, but at the same time really challenging. I was willing to sacrifice all the other makeup for a good foundation because that is what I need as of the moment. COVERAGE! But it won't be that challenging anymore if I skipped out on the other products right?! :) 

A little camwhoring. :P 

OF COURSE! My pacute/masakit ang ulo pose. :P

I hope you guys enjoyed that! I know I did! :) 
Check out the magnificent work of my 2 lovely "collaborators." :P

Miss Iya of From Nails to Makeup

Miss Michelle of Micmic's Corner

How was my makeup?! Is it horrible?! :P 
Any thoughts?! Suggestions or Questions?! 
Comment Below loves! ♥

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  1. Jan Mitchelle PanuelaSeptember 19, 2012 at 10:56 PM

    pretty cool! :) like ko yung eyeshadow. MAKE-UP TUTORIAL.. NOW! :)

  2. thank you! wow! as in ngayon na?! hehe di ba pwdeng magprepare ako?! :P

  3. Gusto ko talaga yung lip color ng night makeup mo! What no ng excel yun? :D


  4. Bagay na bagay sayo bold lip color. Ganda!

  5. yey! thanks!! :) 508! pretty noh? hehe ang pretty sa picture ng excel.

  6. awww.yey!! salamat ate! ♥

  7. Galing sis! :) I like the night look! :) Biased talaga ako dhil fave color ko ang purple. hehe :)

  8. i like your lip color in the night look shot ;)

  9. Parang ang fun nito gawin ah! :) Saan available yung Kokuryu products? :)

  10. Jan Mitchelle PanuelaSeptember 20, 2012 at 12:13 AM

    hahahahahaha :D ay o nga pala. cge prepare ka na at dapat e post mo na yung make-up tutorial na to! :))) REQUEST AKO!!! cute lang nmn kasi nang colors eh :)

  11. Love the lips, dear!:) Winneeeeeer!:D XOXO

  12. Hey Hun,

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog Life in a Break Down, I have been a follower for a while of yours :)

    Sarah xx

  13. im loving the look! and the shade of your lips...gorgeous!! ^_~

  14. yey! thank you!!! hehehe. :P pretty talaga ng purple sa eyes.. :)

  15. thank yooooou!!! :) pretty noh!? hehe

  16. yes! super fun!! I bought mine from Watsons, Sm Mall of Asia Department Store.

  17. yeeeeey!!! thank yoooou! :)

  18. thanks janet dear! :) thank yoooou so much! :)

  19. i will pag may free time na ko, okay?! :) medyo busy eh.. hehe

  20. Jan Mitchelle PanuelaSeptember 20, 2012 at 1:39 PM

    surething. :) bsta wait ako ha ;)

  21. hehe sure! baka october! basta keep on reminding me after september para i wont forget. :D

  22. Yung blush ng careline may kasamang brush or powder puff? :) BTW, I love your lips!! I always see Excel sa online shops but I haven't tried them yet. Ittry ko na after ko makita na it looked good on you :)

  23. oh I am not sure pretty girl.. i think merong puff. :) i used to use that kasi nun nagsstart palang ako for countour... :) THANKS! :) Kering keri store sells them! :) Wait for my review! :) hehe

  24. I will wait for your review! Salamat!

  25. Love the lips! Bagay na bagay sayo yang fuschia-ish shade ;)

  26. awwww.. thank yooooou ate! :)

  27. wow! i wanna join too! hope u can follow my blog as well! im a huge fan of urs <3

  28. ooh next time! :) I already did dear! :) thank you soooo much! fumafan naman! hehe

  29. Jan Mitchelle PanuelaSeptember 26, 2012 at 10:43 AM

    cge, malapit na nmn october ehh! ;) lalagay ko talaga yun sa stickynote nang lappy ko! :)



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