Wednesday, July 25, 2012

EOTD: Sun Kissed.

 Last Saturday, our weather here in the Philippines was super gloomy. We stayed home all day cause the rain was non-stop. I got bored, so I played with my Beauty UK palettes that I bought from Skye Avenue. :) [ my online shopping haul here. ]

And this is what I came up with. Nothing too extravagant. I just want to test out the eye shadows before I can review it. [ REVIEW SOON! ]

I called it sun kissed, just because. :) That's the first word that came up to my mind. 

These are the products I used on my eyes. 
1. Beauty UK palette in SOHO
4. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

I used the ORANGE color from my Beauty UK "soho" palette
It is really orange. Bright but a subtle orange color.

First, I used my NYX Jumbo Pencil in MILK as a base. The base will help the color of the eye shadow pop a little more. 
Then, I put this orange eye shadow over my lids up to the crease area. 


And then, I took this SOFT CHOCOLATE BROWN color from my Beauty UK "earth child" paletteThis eye shadow is matte but it has a bit of a shimmer. The color is so subtle that's why it is perfect to use to blend out harsh edges. 

I used this all over my crease to soften the orange color a little bit. And I just blended out the harsh edges with this SOFT BROWN eye shadow. 

And then I used this COPPER-y BROWN-ish color. [ I don't know how to describe it. ]
Again it is from my Beauty UK "earth child" palette. It is a darker kind of brown that has a LOT of shimmers on it. 

I used this to deepen my crease a little bit more. I put it on the OUTER- V area of my eye. 
And I just blended it all in. 

I also used the cream-y eye shadow from the same palette to highlight my brow bone. 
[ I don't have the picture ] 

Here are a little bit of hand swatches of the colors. 
And then after that, I just lined my eyes with my favorite eyeliner and put on some mascara. :) 

There you have it. :) I hope you guys enjoyed this simple look I came up with my Beauty UK palettes. And please stay tuned for my reviews on that. SOON! 

And if you guys want to try this look. Its super easy. If you do, post it on my FB page. I would love to see it! :) 
COMMENT down below your thoughts! ♥

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an expert or a guru. I do what I love doing and the thins I know of. 

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  1. marie rose bituinJuly 25, 2012 at 9:38 PM

    there you go :) tuloy tuloy mo na sis .. ako nga feel ko na mag blog at gumawa ng mga tutorials kaso need ko p mag sanay hehe

  2. wow you have the beauty uk in soho... kamusta naman siya? can't wait for your review... :)


    1. I will review it maybe next week. :)

  3. yey! im glad you liked it. :) i am not really an eye shadow person. pero i keep on trying talaga. i still have a LOT to learn pero i am glad that some people appreciates it. THANKS! And yes! start blogging! hehe. It is so much fun lalo na if you love what youre doing. its not easy though. But you'll get used to it. :)

  4. i will review it as soon as possible. :) Thanks!



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