Friday, July 27, 2012

PILLOW TIME: Dear Haters...

For today's , Pillow Time. I would like to just talk to my dear HATERS. I know that they aren't worth my time, but I just want to feature them and dedicate one post to them. I think that's what they want e, ATTENTION. 

I already got more or less 10 hate mails. And for the record I am only new here. I have been blogging for almost 2 months only. I don't even have a "reputation" or a "name" yet. But still, I got haters. I feel stupid for not expecting this. I am NOT new to having "haters." Cause a few months back, even when I am not blogging yet. I got a hater.

Some of you might think that I am exaggerating or whatevs, NO. I just want to voice out what I really feel. I don't want to pretend that I am not mad or upset about it, cause I am. Well, I WAS. I just want to answer/ clear things up. And I will try my best to not talk about it anymore after this. 

 " Trying hard ka... Hindi naman maganda yun makeup mo. Cheap! "
[ You're a trying hard... Your makeup isn't pretty. Cheap! ]

The first mail I got is all about that phrase. Its funny cause I got it a few days after I started. I felt sad, honestly. But after awhile, I just laughed at it. 
Again, I never claimed that I am an expert. NOPE, I am not! I actually admitted that I don't know how to put an eye shadow properly yet. I am still learning.
And yes, I don't have the HIGH END brands just yet. Almost all my makeups are drugstore brands, so what?!  I buy the with my OWN allowance, not from your wallet. :)

" You're not pretty... Giveaway ka ng giveaway kasi walang nagtitiyaga sa blog mo... Cheap naman prizes mo..."
[ You're not pretty... You kept on hosting giveaways cause no one is interested in your blog... You're prizes are so cheap ]

YES. I hosted 2 small giveaway already. The last one is still on going by the way. :D 
[ click here ]
Well, yes. I am hosting giveaway to draw attention. Its kind of a tactic, especially when you're only starting. BUT you should post RELEVANT and INFORMATIVE posts too. I try my best to back those giveaway up with interesting posts. I do giveaways to attract readers. AND to share with others what I love. Believe it or not, I love giving gifts. And those cheap a*s prizes came from my heart, and from my own money. 
If you think it's easy to blog, sad to say it isn't. Just like any other business, kailangan mo mamuhunan. You need to spend time, MONEY and effort for your blog to grow. YES! You need to have money. You need to find the latest most effective products to review. You have to try out a few brands that people wants to see. Time and effort is also needed. You need to take pictures, EDIT them, contemplate and think of interesting topics. 
I am not pretty?! I didn't say I am. I know there are lots of bloggers who are prettier and sexier and more appealing than me. So what?! I don't want the physical appearance to interfere with what I want to do. I am grateful of what I have. I am trying to improve some of the things I can improve. But I appreciate who I am and what I have. Maybe its about time that YOU look into the mirror and try to improve yourself as well. Not only the physical traits, but also your behavior. :)  

" You just want sympathy... paawa masyado... "

I got the email saying that I only want sympathy when I posted about my break up. Isn't it funny?! hehe Why would I want sympathy from people who don't personally know me and the person involved?! And I talked about it ONCE! I don't know what to comment about this one. But I got 2 emails saying the same exact thing. Ewan ko! NAKAKALOKA! haha

 There are a few more things that the hater/s said. But the other stuffs are just funny stuffs. :D 
" maitim, mataba, feelingera and few more HATE words. " 
BUT WHO CARES?! Not me!!! :)
What made me sad was the fact that people will spent a minute or two just to write a HATE message. There's so much hate in this world and even those little things of hatred don't help at all.Why don't you just support me?! Or if you guys really don't like me, then stop reading my posts. Or just keep it to yourself. 
Does it make you happy to hurt other people?! Is it fulfilling that you say bad things to other people?! 
I can't ever understand why people LOVE HATE.

I accept criticisms or suggestions or anything. BUT NOT HATE!
 You can tell me in a nicer, kinder way your thoughts. I am nice to people who are nice to me, but I am not perfect. I can say hurtful things as well, but I have learned not to. 
Siguro if I started a few months ago, and got these hate mails. Baka pinatulan kita/ kayo. :)  
But sorry, I have learned a lot already. I am now a strong believer of the saying,  
" ...those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. "

 I have learned to follow my heart and to do what I want to do without worrying what OTHER people might say. OTHER nga dba?! :D 
All I care about now, more than anything, is myself. I do and I'll still will the things that makes me happy. The things that makes my family, friends and NEW FRIENDS happy. I consider my followers, especially those who really read and supports my blog, my new friends. I want to communicate and talk to them all the time, cause I treat them as my friends. I love what I am doing now, and I am glad that a few people appreciates it. 

 So yeah, I don't want to make this a million words long. But I hope i delivered what I want to say properly. I don't want to sound rude or I don't want to get to the point that I need to name names or have a fight with any one. I will try my best to be patient. BUT I am not  robot. I have feelings too. :) 
 I don't know if these messages came from one or more than one person. I don't know if I know them personally or not.

 I want my blog to be a community of love, NOT hate. I want to be friends with everyone, if that's possible. :) 
THANKS SO MUCH to those who really supports me. I don't want to list all the names, but you know who you are. MY NEW FRIENDS. :) 
Those who comment, who message me that they support me, those who chats with me, to everyone who treats me as their friends as well. ♥

If you hate me say it down there, not through email. :P 

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  1. I had those kinds of comments before. But the hell I care! You see, negative publicity is still publicity. If they talk about you, other people will notice you. This is you blog. You can do whatever you want. They can unfollow anytime naman e. Just continue what you love doing and everything else will follow. God bless dear!

  2. I agree ate.. well, I honestly can say na nung una I got affected.. I got upset. pero thinking about, they really dont matter so why waste time dba?! :) Yeah! I will do whatever I want! If they like it, good if not.. then they can stop reading naman e. :) THANKS ATE! You too! :)

  3. continue what you are doing.. don't mind those haters. if they really hate your blog.. bakit bisita sila ng bisita? hehehe. God bless you and more power sis.

  4. gaya ng sinabi ko dati kay atty donna of my lucid intervals, pag may hater ka na, sikat ka.. :) don't worry bout those damned haters cause all they want is to down your spirits para feel nila na mas mataas sila sayu... I've been bullied and such so take it from me when I say na ituloy mo lang yung ginagawa mo kasi pag may passion ka sa ginagawa mo kahit may haters ka sa buhay eh you'll still come out on top. :) godspeed! and continue to share what your ideas are to us... :)

  5. tamaaa! hehe thats what I realized. di naman ako yun talo dito eh. :) THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I appreciate it! :) You and a few others that really support and read my blog are my new found friends. :) hehe thanks!

  6. yes! I agree!!! and yes... I dont care what they have to say cause I am happy and im doing what i love doing. :) THANKS! pero im not sikat naman. hehe. i am not here for that... people appreciating my blog, yun lang gusto ko. :) THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! :) And i will. nobody can stop me. hehehe.

  7. yep.. i realized that just recently. hehe. Thanks for your support. :) it means alot.

  8. Grabe naman silang mag salita. alam mo nong binasa ko ito ang sakit ng dibdib ko. may mga tao palang ganito. INSECURE sila sayo.

    Stay who you are. xoxoxo

  9. Yes. It is really sad that people will spend time to do this. But at the end of it all, they dont matter to me so di ko nalang pinapansin masyado. Its affecting me, but I am trying my hardest to just shun it away. :)
    Thanks!! And I will! :)

  10. New reader of your blog. I'm a newbie blogger as well and ang harsh naman ng mga sinabi nila sayo. :| Just keep up the good work, dear. :) Sa make up naman, practice makes perfect. So go lang ng go. :)

  11. I know. But they really don't matter anymore.. what's important is im loving what im doing. :) THANK YOU!

  12. i just read your blog and i find you to be a nice sweet girl. You also write well and you entertained me. Just keep on blogging because there are people who like what you're doing.

  13. awwww..THANK YOU! That really means a lot to me.. I appreciate it! :) thank you again, soo sooo much!!! :)



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