Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 25 Write 5 messages to 5 different people without using names.

Day 25  Write 5 messages to 5 different people without using names. 
I am looking forward for this one. :) 

1st message: 
  I don't understand why you keep on talking sh*t about other people but you keep on letting every one know that you have the most perfect and happiest life ever. I don't think genuinely happy people act like that. If you're really happy with your life, why bother hurting other people's feelings. You're not better than anyone, remember that.
Also,you kept on telling me before how you "respect" people and all those fancy stuffs, but I don't think you know the meaning of RESPECT. 
You talk behind other people's back, you act like a child and post unnecessary stuffs in public. You discriminate just because you're not like them. 
Do not forget that being "blunt" or "frank" is different from being bastos and disrespectful. 
Now, tell me who is more immature. ME or YOU?! 
May God bless you! 

How are you? I hope you're doing good. It has been more or less 3 months since the last time we talked. I still think about you every now and then, but I know I shouldn't anymore. I just want to say sorry. Sorry for breaking your heart. I just knew that we both needed it. 
It happened for a reason, I am sure of that. Do not let go of all your dreams. You're such a great man and you deserve all the happiness in life. 

Please don't grow up so quick. You are a precious creature. And I love you with all my heart. You bring joy and happiness in my life when I needed it most. 
I am so happy to have you. 

You guys are angels in disguise. All the bad things you're saying to me are helping me grow more and be better. It's funny how you guys have enough time to read my posts and hate on. I feel sorry for you guys cause I know that you lack love in your life. You lack happiness. I understand why you're always hating on every thing I do. 
I hope I can share with every one the love and happiness I am getting from all these awesome people I met through this blog. 

I miss you! I know I have been avoiding you for a few months now.
I am going through a lot of crazy things. And honestly, I was hurt when you're not around when I needed you most. 
I miss you though. I really do. But I just need a little bit more time. 
I hope you understand.

PS. I am writing posts in advance because I have a free time. 
I don't want to waste any second of it. :) I might be busy the next following days, so yeah. That is why I am doing this. :P 

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  1. The second message. It breaks my heart. -__- It must have been tough for the both of you.

  2. awww. rereading it again made me tear up. and yes.. It is hard for me, but I know it is for him as well... hanggang ngayon masakit pa din :|



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