Monday, September 24, 2012

Review : BeautyUK Palette in Soho

Hey awesome people! I am feeling sick again. But I really want to post some beauty related stuffs because I only have a few of that this month. So, I will start with this cute and colorful palette from BeautyUK.

"Beauty UK offers affordable, high quality make-up and cosmetics with the latest range of colours and shades to help you achieve your own individual look."

If you haven't heard about BeautyUK yet, it is a famous drugstore brand that offers a wide variety of products for a very affordable price. Nowadays, there are tons of online shops here in our country that offers BeautyUK products.
[ Check out Skye Avenue. ]
I am a neutral kind of girl but I wanted to have at least a few colorful eye shadows in my collection. When I saw this, I really wanted to get it right away but I didn't. When I saw the Multiply Frenzy thing, I knew I needed to grab that chance to get my hands on these. 
So, I got 2 BeautyUK palettes, the Earth Child palette and this Soho one. I got it last July from Skye Avenue for Php 300.00 only.  
[ July Online Shopping Haul HERE

I will review the BeautyUK Palette in No.2 Soho Bright first. :)

Here is how it looks like. 

At the back you can see the Ingredients and some other information. 

It contains 10 colorful eye shadow. It reminds me of water color! :P Super cute!
Some are semi matte and some has a little bit of shimmers on it. 
The size, I think is comparable to a 25 centavos. 

Here are the swatches. 

And here are my favorites out of the 10 shadows.

--- Very affordable! Php 300 for 10 eye shadows is a pretty sweet deal. 
---  Good color pay off. What you see is the color you get. 
--- The eye shadows are soft and it is easily blendable. 
--- If used with a good primer, I think it will last pretty long. And also, if you use a base the colors will pop out more. 
--- The palette is small enough that it can fit any purse or even your kikay kit. It won't eat up tons of space. 
--- Even if it's small, it contains a lot of products. 

--- Contains  TALC and PARABENS. 
--- Not all eye shadows are that pigmented. I had high hopes with this product. But I was a little disappointed. But for its price, I think it is okay.
--- Some are really chalky/powdery. So you might experience fall outs. 
---  Without using a primer, it won't last that long. 
--- The shadows are soft that is why it can be easily broken. 
--- The packaging looks and feels cheap. The cover is made of cheap plastic thingy. 

I use a wet brush with this shadows that's why I don't experience that much fall outs. 
I also use an eye shadow base [ NYX JEP in Milk ] which helps the colors to pop out more. 

Will I recommend?
If you are a first timer, I think it is a good product that you can practice with. 
I love the colors. I love the variety of palettes. And I will recommend it for beginners. 

Will I repurchase?
No. I still have a lot of products left on the palette. And I would love to explore more on products with better quality. 

Overall, I think for its price and what it can offer. It is a pretty awesome palette.
It is a handy dandy palette that you can bring around and play around with.

I hope this was helpful. :) Stay tuned for my review on the Earth Child palette.
Have you guys tried any BeautyUK products yet? Have you tried this product in particular?
Any thoughts?! Comment below! ♥

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  1. I have 1 Beauty UK baked blush in peach!!:) Love it!:)


  2. natuwa ako sa comparison mo sis, parang ung watercolors nga na binibili sa bookstore... hehe :) dati I really thought malaki itong palette ng beauty uk pag tumitingin ako sa mga online stores tapos nung nag workshop ako nakita ko sya, maliit lng pala sya in real life as in pwede ibulsa... hehe but in fairness very pigmented sya talaga... :)

  3. love your blog- newest follower! come follow us back at XO

  4. OMG! The colors are nice!! So lively!! I love them!

    My blog ->
    Marie loves heels

  5. the colors are really pretty, too bad some colors are not pigmented but at least we get what we pay for...thanks for the swatches..=)

  6. I want to try their blushes also. I have seen a few reviews on it and okay naman. :)

  7. diba?! it really looks like watercolor :P ME TOO! I thought malaki din sya.. hehe cutie patootie lang pala. :) pero okay naman dba?! not all are super pigmented but its a good product for its price. :)

  8. i read reviews nga na this palette is not pigmented enough, that's why i got their other line na may gel eyeliners na kasama.. but still, the colors on this one are pretty :D

  9. oooh.. yeah the one you reviewed?! :) yes they are pretty! pag may magandang base naman i guess buildable yun color :)

  10. yeah! very pretty but yes, i guess you get what you pay for. :) youre welcome!!! :)

  11. i did! your blog is so cute! :)

  12. hehehe yeap ok naman, ung nagamit ko maganda naman ang color pay off nya... not bad for the price... :)

  13. The colors are so pop. But I can't think of daytime looks using this palette. O takot lang akong magexperiment to use this. Mostly kasi brownish lang gamit ko. I suddenly thought of Lauren Uy. I think she matches these colors with her colorful outfits :)

  14. well i dont use this that often too. :P mas gusto ko din neutrals because its safer, i guess. oooh yeah! hehe.

  15. And super pang on-the-go yung neutrals. Hindi masyadong scene stealer but you have a nice statement sa eyes. :)



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