Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Lovin' : Fall 2012 Makeup Look

WARNING : Sort of Long post. :P

Tonight's post is the 3rd and the last installment of my month long collaboration with 2 lovely people, Ate Michelle of Micmic's Corner and Iya of From nails to makeup
[ Want to know more about the collaboration?! Click HERE

It was such a fun experience! Getting to know these ladies more while doing our weekly makeup looks, talking about beauty and personal things as well. 
 The first week, we did a Disney Inspired look and it was challenging!  I am not really that creative or experimental especially with bold colors. But of course, these ladies helped me. I guess from us 3, Iya is the MOST creative one when it comes to colorful eye makeups. I loved her Jasmine Inspired look! Very JASMINE!   ♥

For our second week, we have decided to do the famous 500 Pesos Makeup Challenge
It was really challenging also because I have breakouts and I really need something that will offer good coverage. And it was really hard to come up with something "presentable" with a little amount of budget. This challenge  Ate Michelle showed that simplicity is really beauty. I love how simple her look is but it still looks classy. ♥
So for the last part of our collaboration. We have decided to do something very timely. We also wanted to do something classy but fun at the same time. Something you guys will remember.

So without further blabbing/stuttering/whatever-ing. 
Here is my Fall 2012 Makeup Look.   ♥

Smokey eyes are so in, as usual. But the difference this Fall, is the shades. You can use "unusual" colors of shadows like purple, blue and even green shades.

I personally don't really know how to "smoked" a look. But I tried. :P 
I used purple because I love purple on the eyes. It is gorgeous! I just love how purple looks so pretty, classy and elegant all the same time. 

the lighting here sucks!

 If ever you're doing smokey looks, it is normal to use a nude shade of lipstick. 
But I chose not to because BRIGHT lips are also in this season. 
Bright red, bright pink and even bright orange. 
 Vampy lips are already a statement during Fall season. Wine red, or berry-ish colors. Gorgeous ones! But bright ones are so in too! 

For the face, I wanted to keep it simple. I contoured my face and used a little bit of blush.

James Cooper Cream Foundation in CF 03
ELF Blush in Candid Coral
Fashion21 Loose Powder #6
In2it Eyebrow Color
ELF Eyelid Primer
Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette [ light pink color "inner lids" and highlight ]  
Fashion21 Color Set  [ brown "crease: and purple "outer two thirds" ] 
 Nichido GNO Eye Pencil in Blackest black
 BOB Super Curl Mascara

Excuse this photo. It is a little bit too light because the lamp I was using was literally in front of my face. :P But I love this picture. Very model-ish. HAHAHA :P FEELINGERA!

I fell in love with the look. I think its something I can pull off. It is something different even without using too much colors. I think it is still on the safe side. 
But of course, I cannot NOT use my "signature" thing. A bright and bold lips. :)

Here is another look I tried to pull off. 

 NUDE makeups are also in this season. 
Nude lips are so not me, but I look very nice/good girl, right?! haha It makes me look super quiet. 
I also tried the THICK BROWS because that is also in this Fall. Thick, well groomed brows and well defined brows. Mine isn't well groomed though. :P
FLUSHED cheeks or very vibrant colored cheeks are in also. 
Very tisayin and peg! :P

 To end this collaboration we did. I have a short message to my 2 girls here. ♥

To Ate Michelle and Iya. YEY! We made it! LOL
This collab we did made me get to know more of you girls. And I am really glad that I gained friends like you. 
Thanks for being nice to me. For the friendship and for everything. 
I am excited for our future plans. I am excited to meet you 2 in person. 
I am happy that I gained 2 new pretty sisters! ♥

Ate, you're really nice and helpful and thoughtful and a lot more. I can spend the whole day talking to you because I learn a lot from you. You're so nice and so genuine. 
Thank you! From the very beginning you were there, 'til now. :) 

Iya, I think you're really pretty and nice. Thanks for making us laugh. LOL For your winning "sabaw" moments. Thank you for being a sweet lady. :) For the support and the encouragements, thank you also! It means a lot!
And I am really jealous of you're flawless face :P 

There you have it. 
I hope you enjoyed our collaboration. 
It was fun! REALLY! I would love to do this again with these ladies and of course with other bloggers as well. ♥

Enough of the "emo" part. :) 
Make sure to check out the looks these 2 lovely ladies also did. 

Fall 2012 Micmic's Corner

Fall 2012 From Nails to Makeup

I hope you guys liked the looks I did. I was really excited about this challenge. Fall is so me. So neutral but still classy. I love Fall trends. :) 
 Do you have your Fall makeup also?! SHARE it with me! :) 
How was my look?
Comment below your thoughts, yeah?! 

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  1. I looove the lipcolor your wore! It works so well with your gorgeous skin tone! you go girl! stay pretty!



  2. awww.. THANKS IYAAAA! :) Youre super sweet. Thanks!! :) You too, stay super pretty! hehe

  3. I like ung pic talaga sis na model ang peg, hindi naman feelingera may K naman noh! :) jelly talaga ako sa lips moh!!! hahaha :) bagay din pala sayo ung nude na make up, tama ka mukha kang super bait dun sa pic! hihi

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  5. I expected a bold lip color from you. Syempre, you pulled it off na naman. I envy your lips talaga. Pero the eyeshadows amazed me. Super pagkablend. Love it!

    Haha natawa na natouch ako sa message mo. Ganun siguro tayo kadaldal sa chat no? As in whole day. :)

  6. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. very pretty! Love the pink lipstick!

  7. ganda nmn nang result ehh :) ang saya pala kapag may "colab" churva2 noh? -.- hihi :)

  8. I love the other look that you tried to pull off. :) You loo super sweet with that shade of lipstick! <3

  9. Thanks!! :) hahaha yes! I look mabait :P

  10. thank you! yes its nice and fun! :)

  11. yes we did!! It was really fun! :) Thankssss!!!

  12. hehe.. thank you ate! :) hehehe...
    chamba lang. :P practice lang ng practice :)

    hahahaha.. totoo! :P

  13. Thank you soooo much Janet!!! You're always there to support. Thank You!

  14. Thanks Aimee! :)

  15. hehehe thank you! i like it too! fierce fiersan. :P hehe
    I know dba?! Parang anghel :P

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  17. I love the look and your collaborations. Two (in your case three) heads are better than one. :)

  18. Oo nga sistar! YOu look so mabait sa nude makeup mo, and IMO, you look better on the second one thou I love the smokey effect of the first one. Looks like you have the skills na in blending the e/s. Love it. Will definitely try to make a collaboration with someone, sooon. nainggit ako sa inyo e.

  19. Great job on the eyes! Whenever I think of fall, I think of the color burgundy :)

  20. thanks sam! :) and yes, I can agree.. hehe. :)

  21. dba?! hehe. I look different :P its not me!!! hehehe thank you! :) well practice ng practice e :P hehehe I still have a million things to learn though :) hehehe/ thank you! AND GO!!! Its fun!

  22. Thanks aya! :) yeah!! And plums and berries :P hehe

  23. I love the nude makeup!!!!!! XD

  24. Thank you!!!! :)

  25. How cool, love this blog!

    Hey what about following each other? Visit my blog and let
    me know, it would be great to keep in touch!



  26. I would love to... But I cant seem to find your link here in your comment.

  27. I love the purple eyeshadow!! that is so pretty. I never dare to put dark colors on my eyes, I always feel like I look like i have black eyes! Yours looks so pretty though

    I"m your newest follower from the GFC blog hopfollowme@



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